Attorney BRIAN VASEK founded VASEK LAW as a boutique CRIMINAL DEFENSE law firm to defend clients and their constitutional rights in Southern Nevada. Brian sought to provide diligent, compassionate, and  personalized representation for persons charged with a crime in cities such as LAS VEGAS, NORTH LAS VEGAS, and HENDERSON. In 2020, Attorney MARYAM VASEK joined VASEK LAW to provide the same time, attention, and care to PERSONAL INJURY and FAMILY LAW clients. Still a boutique law firm, Brian and Maryam seek to provide hyper-focused, client-centered legal representation for persons needing help after an arrest, injury, or family trauma. Brian and Maryam have now helped clients throughout the United States and the world resolve their cases in the State of Nevada. 

Prior to founding VASEK LAW, Brian served the Clark County Public Defender and worked for one of the largest criminal defense law firms in Nevada. During that time, Brian personally resolved cases such as robbery, burglary, theft, child abuse, driving under the influence (DUI), battery domestic violence, solicitation, and possession of a controlled substance. Maryam began her legal career at one of the largest personal injury law firms in Nevada and later worked for the City of Phoenix Public Defender in Arizona. Maryam went on to draft and review contracts for small businesses and work for one of the largest intellectual property firms in the United States. Maryam is incredibly well-versed in several legal disciplines and able to assist clients with a vast array of problems.

Having worked in both the private and public sectors handling thousands of criminal cases, Attorney BRIAN VASEK founded VASEK LAW to provide a client-centered focus to select persons facing the most serious of consequences personally and professionally. Having worked with many professionals throughout Southern Nevada to navigate collateral consequences to their careers and reputations, Brian seeks to provide the time, attention, and care to each client to achieve great results. Bringing that same philosophy to VASEK LAW, Attorney MARYAM VASEK now assists clients with personal injury and family law matters. Possessing such a spectrum of experience, Brian and Maryam encourage all persons seeking legal assistant to call them. If they cannot personally help someone, they may know someone that can. VASEK LAW remains a boutique law firm but with big firm and public service experience, which is why Brian and Maryam provide their personal cell phone numbers to clients. New and existing clients may call Brian (702-755-1441) or Maryam (702-406-1440) day or night and they will always attempt to respond to all client inquiries as quickly as possible.

If reading this and charged with a crime, sick, injured, or seeking family law assistance, you may feel lost, confused, scared, hopeless, or that your life is over. You are not alone and deserve an attorney that will provide the time, attention, and care necessary to achieve the best result possible for you.