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After an arrest, injury, loss, or family trauma, Attorneys BRIAN VASEK and MARYAM VASEK are committed to providing free, thorough consultations for all prosepctive CRIMINAL DEFENSE, PERSONAL INJURY, and FAMILY LAW clients. Meeting one-on-one with an attorney—not a case manager or office assistant—is vital to evaluating your legal matter. How else can your attorney investigate the strength of your case or the viability of your claim? More importantly, how else will you know if the attorney-relationship here is good fit? Brian and Maryam often state during consultations that they "want to work with clients that want to work with them," so you will never hear them utter phrases such as "time is of the essence" or "for a limited time only." Brian and Maryam are respected, trusted attorneys in Southern Nevada; not salespeople. Since 2017, VASEK LAW has now assisted hundreds of clients across the United States and the world resolve their legal matters in the State Nevada. Every consult often starts with a simple question, "How can I help?" Brian and Maryam then provide an open line of communication throughout representation by providing their personal cell phone numbers and emails. READ MORE ABOUT WHAT MAKES VASEK LAW DIFFERENT AND WHAT YOU DESERVE FROM YOUR ATTORNEY.