Truck drivers are required to travel long distances and sometimes they do so with little sleep or without ensuring that their cargo load is secured properly. Injuries sustained as a result of a truck accident must be handled differently than other accidents. The trucks load, driver experience, speed, and maintenance are just some of the things an experienced attorney will look at when established fault and protecting your claim. At Vasek Law, we pay close attention to not only the accident that occurred resulting in the injuries at hand but we look at the prior history of the driver and the company to which the truck belongs to. Injuries caused by a truck are especially severe and typically require longer treatment given the disparity in the size of the vehicles. It is imperative that you contact Vasek Law immediately so that we can get started with protecting your case while you recover from your injuries.

The Federal Motor Carrier & Safety Administration (“FMCSA”) regulates the examination and safety of trucks. Regulations governing truck drivers are much more comprehensive given the size and dangers associated with driving a vehicle that large. The FMCSA regulates the following with regards to truck drivers:

  • Operations of the vehicles;
  • Weight limits on cargo;
  • Driver fatigue;
  • Condition of the truck;
  • Safety inspections;
  • Loading procedures; and
  • Driving time.

Unfortunately, many of the rules and regulations are broken in order to keep deliveries ahead of schedule and maximize profits. Maryam Vasek knows that trucking companies will try and cut corners and will try and fight to avoid paying for injuries caused as a result of the cut corners. You can count on Maryam Vasek to give your claim the attention and resources necessary to ensure that the big trucking companies do not dismiss your injuries and you are fully reimbursed for your pain and suffering.




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