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More Than Just a Lawyer

He was there for me as much more than just a lawyer. I was incredibly down about my entire situation and due to legal reasons, he didn’t want me talking to anyone to include psychologists so he stepped in to play that role for me. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude toward him and what he did for me through some of the darkest days of my life. He was always professional, and constantly tracked the ebbs and flows of the court in order to gain a more favorable outcome. As for consultations, he hits you with a plethora of information; quite possibly to his disadvantage. During one of them, he said that I didn’t really even have to hire him and that I could go to the court myself and handle everything and he walked me through everything step by step to do without him.


Exquisite Lawyer

There were many lawyers that I consulted before selecting Brian as my attorney. Brian was not only the most sincere but also the most thorough that went above and beyond to explain everything about my case. (Even at the consultation stage.) To label Brian as an exquisite lawyer is an understatement. His superb diligence goes above and beyond. In all sincerity, I highly recommend his service! You would definitely not regret hiring him as your representation. Case dismissed!


Very Honest

I have worked with larger firms in the past and they rarely if ever communicate. Brian was willing to talk anytime I needed him. He was willing to put the effort in to figure things out that larger firms just couldn’t be bothered to figure out. What really struck me was his honestly. The first time I met him he said there wasn’t a lot that he could do for me that a public defender couldn’t do for me.


Excellent Choice

Brian Vasek went out of his way to be helpful to us. He gave us a lengthy consultation and is an affable person to deal with. His analysis of our case was thorough and he followed through diligently. We think he is among the best Las Vegas lawyers.


A Lawyer Who Cares

I recently had a concern that was keeping me awake at night. I decided to start calling lawyers and Brian was not only the only person to return my phone call but the only person who listened and consulted for me. The bio on his website is legit: he really does care about your problem! I couldn't imagine calling anyone else should I need a lawyer again. Not many out there like him!

-W. Petrie

Best Criminal Defense Attorney

We are so happy to hire Brian Vasek as our criminal defense attorney. He is very straightforward, professional, smart, knowledgeable, aggressive, pays attention to details, and did everything that we expected from him.


Amazing Lawyer & Person

I met Brian about a year ago. He worked his butt off for me to see to it that the false accusations did not send me to prison. After the case was over he has checked in with me on a regular basis. And continues to do so. Wish I would have known him when this all started.



I met Brian by chance in custody, and even without him being court appointed he advised me of what my rights were. I was totally thrown aback by how he cared for a person's basic human rights. After my initial court hearing, he gave me his card and I never forgot everything he had said and done for me. I spent 10 days in custody and someone else hired a lawyer on my behalf. I was not at all impressed with this lawyer, so I searched everywhere for Brian until I found him. He reassured me he would do everything possible to defend me and put me at ease. I can't thank you enough, and you are definitely a Godsend.


Best Lawyer

If anyone is looking for a criminal defense lawyer, Brian is the guy you are looking for. Brian had the best communication I have ever seen. He is thorough and very smart. I was an anxious mess after being falsely accused of Domestic Violence Battery. With Brian's communication and being upfront with me I was put at ease. I am very thankful for Brian and I am completely satisfied with Brian's work. I recommend him to everyone, 10/10! Thank you, Brian, you're a great dude!


Always Available

Brian was great. He was on top of what was going on, kept me updated, honest, always available to answer all questions. I will use him if I ever need representation again.


Excellent Service

Brian Vasek is a phenomenal lawyer! He really gave me peace of mind all the way from the beginning to the end of my case. I never doubted his service even though I was extremely nervous about my ordeal. I can honestly say, If you're looking to move forward from your past with grace and clarity, then work with Brian Vasek and his defense team and they will show you the way to overcoming any obstacle that you might have stumbled upon!


Excellent & Professional

Brian negotiated my case to the best possible outcome I could have asked for. He was extremely professional, responsive, and patient. He was willing to discuss all parts of my case and explain anything that I had questions on. On top of that, he did an excellent job, having my case resolved quickly and without any trouble. I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer experience.


Great Lawyer

Brian was a great lawyer. I have had bad lawyers before, so I know a good one when I see one. He made my case a priority, and he was extremely helpful. He always responded to my questions and concerns in an extremely prompt manner. He made me feel like one of the family. I would recommend using Brian as a lawyer to all those I care about.


Ticket Help

Brian was great from start to finish. He let me know everything that was going on with my court dates and actually helped me reduce the ticket to no infractions. I really enjoyed his professionalism and being readily available when I needed to call him for anything, He always made me feel comfortable and I knew I made the right decision by hiring him. I am & would definitely use him again in the future!


Exceptional Work

Brian Vasek and his group did a phenomenal job tasking my case and getting all the facts lined up for court. There is no one else I would refer but Brian and company. Brians professionalism and grit get the job done promptly with a winning result. Communication was always clear and honest. Brian is your answer.


Fortunate to Have Him

Brian was amazing. We were able to get in contact with him any time of day or night. He responded to texts very quickly. EXTREMELY knowledgeable. Fought for and arranged the best outcome for us. Always listening to what was important to us. Thank you, Brian!


A Lawyer with a Heart

Attorney Brian is a lawyer with a heart. He is so kind and understanding. He is so accomodating answering my questions honestly and humble. He helps me a lot in my case. I can see his eagerness to help me solve my case and I really appreciate it.I'm so grateful to have him as my lawyer. I know that I'm in good hands. Thank you so much!


Very Happy

My lawyer was very understanding of my case and I'm happy that someone took the time to study the details and present the best solution possible. My worry was that I would have a record but I'm now content because everything was handled fairly! I had a great experience.


Excellent Attorney

I hired Brian Vasek for my DUI case recently. I'm so happy I did. He's extremely competent and knowledgeable. At my first consultation, he made me feel at ease, informed and so much more confident in my situation. I took a deep breath. Thank God I found him. Brian is polite, professional, and sincere. He listened to my situation and concerns. He took the time to explain the laws and how the system works so I was never left wondering and worrying about what was going to happen next. Anytime I emailed or called him he responded quickly continuously putting me at ease. Great communication throughout! My situation could've ended in jail time for me. Instead, he kept me out of jail and got me the best possible outcome I could've asked for. Brian got me through one of the worst times of my life. I highly recommend him, 1000%! I want to thank him for being by my side. We're truly very grateful.



Brian Vasek is by far the most caring, thorough, understanding, & best defense lawyer to have by your side. Brian goes above and beyond for all his clients. He respects you, sees you as the person you are & constantly makes you a priority. He’s efficient, smart, aggressive & deserves more than a 5-star rating. Believe me when I say this is the type of man you want representing you. If you’re reading this you’re at the right place, Vasek Law not only fights for his clients but makes you feel safe, secure & always makes sure to answer/return your calls. You never have to worry about being confused Brian will always acknowledge your concerns & help you understand. Not only is his intelligence incredible, but Brian is also well respected & even with hundreds of cases on his hands will always make you feel like you’re the only one. I recommend Mr.Vasek to anyone reading this.


Trustworthy & Efficient

Trustworthy and efficient. Mr. Vasek and his team went above and beyond to research my issue, finding information that I was not privy to, and completing my case in a timely manner. I trusted Mr. Vasek from our first consultation and am so glad I chose him to help me solve this problem. The result is what I was hoping for and if I ever need help in the future, I know Mr. Vasek will be on my side.


Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend Brian Vasek. He is extremely knowledgeable and when handling my case, Brian was very responsive through calls/emails, and also kept me informed every step of the way. Dealing with such situations is never easy, but Brian made it less stressful to deal with.


Best Lawyer Ever

Brian has done some unrealistic impossible miracles, he helped my fiancé and I get clean off of heroin, which we never thought was possible especially out of jail. I remember the first time I met with him I could just tell he had cared so much not even about the case but helping my fiancé get clean! He helped with resources and told my fiancé if he needed to talk or felt like using even at 3AM he could call him! He wasn’t only an attorney but he was a friend and a caring person. My fiancé was facing 90 days with no questions asked but Brian literally fought for almost six months to make sure that didn’t happen! He really makes you feel at ease especially with the court being a super scary thing. I trust him 100% and I completely understand now why he is 1. On google when you look up attorneys in Henderson Nevada. This guy definitely isn’t in it just for the money I can DEFINITELY tell you that, he says “ it’s the right thing to do”, now I never write reviews but this guy... I can keep writing about him ALL day. Just trust me on this...take your chance and call Brian Vasek. Just that first phone call you’ll see what I mean. He is super affordable as well! He does better than these attorneys who have been doing it for ten years! Everyone I talk too, other attorneys, judges, public defenders all know him and say he is a really good guy and a really good attorney!


Record Seal

He was the only lawyer who figured out I was eligible for a record seal. He was able to get my record seal in a timely manner. His rates are very competitive. My case had its challenges and I was not charged for the extra time or effort. I would highly recommend him.


Excellent Service & Lawyer

Mr. Vasek assisted me with a record seal — not a very complicated legal matter. His service and attention to detail for my case was outstanding — communication by phone and email was prompt and courteous. When I met in person with Mr. Vasek he spent the necessary time to explain the steps and process of the record seal. Through the entire process of the record seal, Mr. Vasek communicated with me and kept me up to date until the seal was completed. If Mr. Vasek took the time to work with me on a minor legal matter like a record seal, I can only imagine the service a client would receive for a misdemeanor or felony charge. If you have criminal charges pending, I highly recommend you contact Mr. Vasek.


Domestic Violence

Brian represented me in Las Vegas. I live in AZ. He did an excellent job and I never had to travel to Las Vegas for court hearings. I would recommend Brian as he treated me with respect, courtesy, and fought hard for me not to have a record. The outcome was perfect.


Tactical Strategist

With the realities of the new DUI laws in Nevada, I was pulled over questionably and looking for a true professional to handle my case. Brian explained the possible penalties, reviewed the facts of my case, pushed the police department to provide further details, and ultimately found a lack of probable cause to pull me over. He is straight forward, hardworking, and legally clever.


Thank You

Brian is an excellent attorney. I am so glad he represented me in my case. He did a great job and I will definitely refer him to friends and family!



Attorney Brian is excellent. Before my brother's preliminary hearing and decision to even go for private legal services was made, Attorney Brian did quite a bit of work discussing options and updating me on my brother's case. Attorney Brian was even honest enough to say that likely this case could be dealt with well by public defenders and not a private attorney. His kindness, honesty, and obvious dedication to his work was impressive and if the time arises for us to hire a lawyer returns, Attorney Brian will be the one I’ll call.



I have retained Mr. Vasek's services a few times and he has been as courteous, professional, responsive, and result-driven as possible. Thank you Mr. Vasek for being there for us!


Very Ethical

This guy is not only intelligent and knowledgeable but also very ethical. I really admire that about him because it’s not all about money! He’s not all about money but he also is not lazy and is very thorough and caring. I definitely recommend him.


Thank You So Much

Brian is such a people person. He impressed my mom, which isn't easy. It's scary when you have to get a lawyer, especially when you are not a lawbreaker. I have always strived to live my life right, one mistake and I am paying for it. It truly gives me peace of mind knowing Brian is on my side. Thank you so much.


Ulimate Professional

Brian is the ultimate professional. When my attorney wouldn't return my calls or answer my emails, Brian stepped in and gave me the time and attention to make me feel at ease about my case. He returned all my calls and answered any question I had about my case. I honestly don't know what I would've done without him. If you want an attorney who will give you the personal attention you deserve and return text messages, emails, and phone calls in a timely manner while keeping you updated about your case as it goes, then Brian Vasek is definitely the attorney to contact and retain to represent you. Thank you Brian for being there for me and even months later checking on me and my daughter to make sure we are still doing good.


Always Professional

Vasek Law was always professional and took care of all of my legal questions and concerns pertaining to my case in a timely manner. Brian gave me advice and answers even before I signed with him and still to this day answers any text or call promptly. The price was very fair and he was great at working out a payment play for services rendered. I would most certainly use them again if, God forbid, I needed a lawyer. Thanks, Vasek Law!


Great Work

Brian is a true and serious professional. He took my case and I never had to go to court; then the state sent me a check! Thank you, Brian and Marissa. GREAT WORK!