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Are you charged with a criminal offense in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or Henderson, Nevada? VASEK LAW can help you. Attorney Brian Vasek can find ways to get charges reduced or dismissed and minimize requirements and penalties. Brian will explore arguments to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney and to seek a tactical advantage in the courtroom. He works tirelessly to reduce or eliminate consequences at work and school for his clients. Brian can also seal criminal records after a criminal conviction or dismissal.

If reading this and charged with a criminal offense, you may feel lost, scared, or that your life is over. You are not alone and deserve an attorney that will provide the time, attention, and care to achieve the best result possible for you. Hire an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney familiar with the judges, the prosecuting attorneys, and the procedure in all Southern Nevada courts. Speak with an attorney today that will put your mind at ease and fight for your rights and freedom.

Contact VASEK LAW today for a free consultation. Brian will discuss what happened, analyze any possible defenses, and thoroughly explain what to expect in the courtroom. If questions arise, Brian is available for his clients—day or night—to dispel any doubt or uncertainty about their case.

VASEK LAW Can Defend Your Case

VASEK LAW represents clients charged with a criminal offense in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or Henderson, Nevada. Attorney Brian Vasek has aggressively defended clients charged with the following crimes and more:

      • Arson
      • Assault
      • Bad Checks
      • Battery
      • Burglary
      • Casino Markers
      • Child Abuse
      • Destruction of Property
      • Domestic Violence
      • Driving Under the Influence
      • Drug Possession
      • Drug Trafficking
      • Elder Abuse
      • Fraud
      • Hit and Run
      • Obstructing a Police Officer
      • Robbery
      • Sex Assault
      • Solicitation
      • Theft
      • Violation of a TPO

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Attorney Brian Vasek can help seal your criminal record in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson, Nevada. He will walk you through the legal process, obtain and file all paperwork, and represent you during any court proceedings.

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